"In Living Pixels" is an interpretation of the life we live digitally and in the natural world. Inspired by the universal experience of the 2020 shutdowns, outdoors—six feet apart from each other. Although, sometimes isolating, this experience also sparked a greater appreciation of human connection.  Hosted at the Aztec Theater in San Antonio, TX and Pabst Blue Ribbon, Wide Awake Creative curates an immersive experience. 
Each creative space is​​ an interpretation of this experience—some playful others more introspective, but all find ways to reach out beyond our life in pixels and reflect on the moments from last year, that we'll continue to take with us.  
Rainbow Escape is a collaborative installation exploring dreams and live feeds. Using dream transcriptions about touch and pandemic dreams, the video installation bounced light and live feeds as a collective video feed. 
Wide Awake Creative X Pabst Blue Ribbon
Install by Domeinic Jimenez
Design and Video work by Natalia Rocafuerte
Short clip of dream transcriptions played and distorted into livestreams at Rainbow Room.
Found interactions of Rainbow Room.
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