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30 Years in a Train (2020)
Treinta Años en un Tren is a short film created virtually by Natalia and Jeannelle as a visual and audio exchange during the 2020 Pandemic. The short film combines sounds and visuals created during live instagram and Facebook sessions, rescored everytime using elements of water, trains, and carribean drums. The surrealist visuals are paired with our contrastingly different experiences and memories of Latin America, imagining trains going through islands and floating fish in the sky. Collaboratively, Jeannelle and Natalia work as Las Raras, an experimental synthesis collective aiming to awaken a transcendent consciousness.
Spaceploration (2020
Spaceploration is a virtual exploration of sound and visuals during the 2020 pandemic. All remote recordings and collaborations. 
Sounds Henna Chou, Harp Andrea Cortez and guitar by Mohadev
Lead editor for Independent Heavy Metal Reptilian Revenge Flick Shot in Austin TX.
Visible Miscellany (2019)
Collection of visuals created for underground queer night scenes in Austin,TX in 2019.
The Oven (2016)
Experimental dada western film, independent project shot in San Marcos, TX. The western explores the absurdity of gender roles and norms. 
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