Melodias No Murallas: Music has no borders was the project by Jolt & BASTA Texas  art contest winner, Natalia Rocafuerte.  The project focused on the empowering student and master artists in the Rio Grande Valley to transcend the current political climate dealing with immigration and continue to create community spaces for Latino artists. The concert consisted of the student body of the Carlotta K Petrina Cultural Center and classical pianist Francisco Rocafuerte along with mezzo-soprano Maria Avalos performing. Artist were commissioned to create everything from the poster to the post-production videos and photographs for the event. Inside the community run Cultural Center, a projection of home video recoding of ballet, piano and singing performances was shared by Natalia Rocafuerte. 
"It all came full circle, the children and musicians performed in front of their families while a projection of my family home recordings was present. The projection represented how one day the parents and families of the performers will also look back at that exact moment through videos and photographs and not remember what horrible headline the news had but the fond memories we created that summer night through performance.  "
Poster by Andres Sanchez

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