I am a multidisciplinary artist creating work that encourages a phenomenological experience by using unconventional technologies. I use visual and audio installations as a way to give new meaning to familiar objects.  Through the use of non-narrative printmaking, expressive videos and sound recordings, my installations are created with site-specific spatial history in mind. Through a process of collecting lived experiences and spatial history, I capture my or the local community's view of a space.  I am inspired by non-conformity, my upbringing in Texas/Mexico border, and analog media.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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Natalia Rocafuerte (b.1993 Ciudad Del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico)
Studio based in Austin, TX
2017              Bachelor in Arts associates in Art History at Texas State University.
2012              Psychoanalytic Theory Study in Paris, France. University of Texas-PanAm
2011              Documentary Film, Puebla, Mexico. Apolonio Gallery


2023             NYFA Group Show| Blue Star Arts Complex | San Antonio, TX
2021             MXTX | Fonoteca Nacional | Mexico City

2020             Xicanx: New Visions | Centro De Artes | San Antonio, TX
2020            Artist in Residence | The Line Hotel | Austin, TX
2020            Artist in Residence | bossbabesATX | Austin, TX

2019            Exhibiting artist at Austin Public Library | All Shades Considered | Austin, TX 
2019            Selected Film and Artist for Senorita Cinema  | Houston, TX 
2019            Future Traditions Festival | Museum of Human Achievement | Austin, TX
2019            QFest  | The Mystic Lyon  |  Houston,  TX 
2019            Bring Your Own Beamer  | Menil Collection  | Houston, TX 
2019            Video Mapping X Abraham Cruzvillegas  | The Contemporary | Austin, TX 
2019            HBO X SXSW Human By Orientation | Brazos Hall | Austin, TX

2018            Fields 10th Issue Release | FancyFancy Studios | Austin, TX 
2018            BABESFEST 2018, Museum of Human Achievement | Austin, TX 
2018            Sacramento Zine Fest 2018 | Verge Center for the Arts | Sacramento, CA
                   Mexic-Arte Museum | Austin, TX 

2017           Austin East Side Studio Tour | What Hell YOU Playin? | ATM Gallery | Austin, TX
2017           Short for Magazine | Corporate Gallery |   San Antonio, TX
2017           SXSW | Known Unknown Experimental Film Fest  | Austin TX
2017           Bibliotecha |   ATM GALLERY | Austin, TX
2017           THE GAME | Dahlia Woods Gallery  | San Marcos, TX.

2016           Falling Back South  | Yerberia Cultura |    McAllen, Texas. 
2016           Group Show | Walker Gallery  | San Marcos, TX
2016           Pan African Action Committee Black Excellence Gallery  | San Marcos, tx

January 2019      NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentorship Program. San Antonio, TX 

June 2009          Artist in Residence at Rosales Lugo Gallery, Tamaulipas, MX.

May 2020           OBS for Artists Virtual Workshop, Big Medium
January 2020     Abstract Printmaking, The Contemporary, Austin, TX
Decr 2019         Abstract Printmaking, The Contemporary, Austin, TX
June 2019         Summer DJ Camp workshop, Ballroom Marfa. Marfa, TX
May 2019          Plant Care- Self Care Workshop, BossbabesATX, Austin, TX
April 2019         Alone, Together: A Workshop On Collaboration, BossbabesATX, Austin, TX
Nov 2018          Dia de Los Muertos  Virtual Lecture for Streamable Learning, Austin, TX
August 2018     Screen Printing workshop, YLA 23 Closing, Mexic-Arte Museum. Austin, TX
July 2018          Screen It! Screen Printing Workshops Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, TX
June 2018         Screen It! Screen Printing Workshops Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, TX
May 2018          Cinco de Mayo Virtual Lecture for Streamable Learning, Austin, TX 
April 2018         Screen Printing Workshop, Mexic-Arte Museum. Austin, TX
April 2017         Summer DJ Camp workshop, Ballroom Marfa. Marfa, TX

May 2019      QFest, Experimental Videos, Houston, TX
May 2019       Future Traditions, Indigenous and Futuristic Music Panel, Austin, TX
July 2018       Young Latinx Artist:23, Artist Talk, Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, TX

Selected artist for JOLT Artist Grant, February 2017
Selected artist for Go Collaborative City of Austin Mural grant, 2017

September 2019                BABES FEST FILM (film curator), Austin, TX
August 2019                     Queer Happy Hour: Urban Outfitters, Austin, TX
November 2018                 Viva La Vida Parade Artist in Residence KUNIKLO, Austin, TX
October 2018                    #elmeromuro Project, Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, TX
January 2016-Feb 2017      Co-chair Art Director San Marcos Cinema Club
January 2013-2014            Board Member of the Texas State Honors Gallery.

2017 - current             Member of the vinyl DJ collective Chulita Vinyl Club
Sept 2017 - current      Freelance Video Editor, Austin TX
May 2018  - current     Civic Arts Artist in Residence, Austin, TX
Feb - Dec 2018            Education Associate at Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, TX            
April 2016 - Jan 2019   Tenant Organizer for Texas RioGrande Legal Aid. Austin, TX
August 2016                Organizer Fight for $15 National conference. Richmond, VA 
May 2016                    Power of Pink PlannedParenthood advocate training. Pittsburgh, PA 
October 2015               Councilmember Kshama Sawant Campaign Volunteer. Seattle,WA
September 2015          Speaker at Planned Parenthood Conference,  San Antonio TX
August 2015                 Lobbyist for Texas Freedom Network State Conference. Austin, TX
July 2015                     Texas Lobbyist for Planned Parenthood. Washington D.C.
2014-2015                   Representative for Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equality TSU
2014-2015                   Vice President for Feminists United at TSU

Sightlines Magazine
Austin Chronicle 
Time Out Magazine
La Voz
SXSW feature for Pan American Newspaper

Sept 2018          #13 Yo Soy LGBTQ Podcast

(inactive) Chulita Vinyl Club Austin
(active) Las Raras
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