My work is a study of materials and cultures and how they represent our chosen and given identities. I’m interested in analog technologies and techniques, using them as mediums to create installations and video paintings. I believe in creating new experiences, especially connected to dream-like states and alternative subcultures. My fantasy is to create spaces of opposite truths, often in whimsical humor.

Natalia Rocafuerte is a multimedia artist, disk-jockey and organizer in Austin, TX. They obtained their BA in multimedia studies and Art History from Texas State University. In 2018 they were awarded Jolt Texas Grant for a performance and collation of border artists as well as a grant for a mural at  Barrington Elementary in Austin, TX. A current fellow of the 2019 NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentorship. With various installations at Museum of Human Achievement and Mexic-Arte Museum as well as a SXSW X HBO; Rocafuerte aims to explore installation work ranging from Museums and public spaces. Most recently, they exhibited at FancyFancy Studios in Austin, TX and Verge Center for the Arts in Sacramento, CA.  They are also part of Chulita Vinyl Club, a vinyl collective for women and non-binary people of color and the Production and Operations lead on programming for Austin non-profit BossBabes.

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